10 easy tips to help you make the perfect ribs! Check out our top 3 rib recipes and tools. Once the ribs are in place, close the lid and let the ribs cook for 30 minutes. Don’t just grab any pack of ribs at the store and run. If you don't have one, just place the wood on a … Cooking ribs on a gas grill are actually not that complicated, but it can be quite confusing sometimes most especially with the timing. For the low-heat part of the cooking, you can choose between the oven, an instant pressure cooker, a smoker, or the grill. Everything you need to know to smoke ribs to finger-licking perfection . Take your ribs for a spin! Do not lift the lid during this time (unless there is an obvious flare-up inside). Check out this fan favorite rib recipe! Now, place your ribs on the indirectly-heated side of the grill. Let’s start by covering the basics of how to cook ribs on the grill. The purpose of this is to get that smokey flavor from the grill. What are you grilling this Father's Day? I have smoked ribs many times and posted about them a couple of times, but I have always cooked them on the smoker. … All you’ll need to do is get the outside crispy, caramalized, and even a little burnt, which should take mere minutes if your gas grill packs some power. The goal here is not to cook the ribs: they’ll already be done, even at that low temperature. A few simple steps to help you purchase and prep the best ribs ever! This will help the grilling area stay moist which keeps the ribs from drying out. Cover grill and cook for about an hour (maintaining 300f degrees during the cooking process.) The ribs become tender once they cook on a gas grill for several hours. This will ensure perfect, tender ribs that fall off the bone. When battling time & entertaining a group, I find one of the more forgiving ways to grill is with the rotisserie. Short Rib Tacos involve simple ingredients, a fast cook and ensure my grills get just the attention they need during a busy work week. If you have smoked them, this is a refresher course for you. Check out how your rotisserie can switch up your rib game. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, ribs are a fan favorite. Carefully remove ribs from the pan and place directly on the grill. Continue doing this for 30 minutes, and you will have a heavy coating of barbecue sauce. Make sure to close the lid so that the smoke will stay inside at all times. Two good ideas at this point are to: Simply take the ribs out, let your grill get hot, and sear them for maximum flavor. The ideal method of cooking ribs is in a smoker, but if you don't have this particular piece of equipment, you can use your gas grill. Do not touch the grill for at least three hours, if not longer. Planning, Preparation and Patience are the 3 keys to any grilling competition! Place ribs on grill and close grill cover. Here are some of our top picks! Add wood chips or pellets to a smoke box. When I started working at Weber, I learned I could make ribs in about half the time by wrapping them in foil. If you have a very large gas grill with four burners, place the rack between the two end burners. 275°F is a good temperature for grilling ribs; your gas grill should be able to reach this in no time at all. Once your grill … Labor Day weekend is my way of bottling up the fun of summer. This will ensure that your meat is not cooking too fast, leaving you with ribs that are overcooked and dry. I was skeptical at first, but once I tried it I became a convert. At this point, the smoke bombs should be producing smoke. Spare ribs are generally larger than baby back ribs, but they have a higher bone to meat ratio.

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