With its striking Technicolor visuals and a chilling narrative that journeys through a world of witches, hidden labyrinths, and the dark woods, Dario Argento’s Suspiria is a surreal fairy tale nightmare. Movies that are based on or inspired by fairy tales or else have fairy tale elements and mood. When the nice red shoes her guardian gave her begin moving by themselves on Karen’s feet, she is fearful, but continues to wear them because she can take them off when she wants to. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Like Grimm’s Gretyl trapped in an occult fantasy, Suzy’s mythological voyage to the bowels of the school’s wicked underworld is an intensely breathtaking trip. Their ploy goes well until they encounter a real fairy tale: an evil queen (Monica Bellucci) kidnapping women for their youth and beauty. Too bad Roy can’t conquer his demons. Published. Overflowing with imaginative sorcery and mystical energy, LEGEND serves as a reminder that even the darkest, most jaded spirits crave love, and that just because a movie is made for grown ups doesn’t mean it can’t contain wonder and awe. If you’re looking for a perspective that isn’t as spotless as the remakes we have now, then check out this roundup of movies that aren’t for the PG crowd. If you spent hours as a kid looking at the beautiful illustrations that usually accompanied fairy tales, this one’s for you. These fantastical recollections of imaginative stories have not only served as inspiration for creative minds, but also relayed moral relativism through clever anecdotes, proving that a better world is possible if humans can just treat each other with the same decency as the characters in their books. The journey forth remains shrouded in mystery, but one thing’s for sure: after this bizarre metaphorical odyssey into maturity is complete, Valerie will never be the same. Books The Tale Of The Bamboo Cutter, Japan's 10th-Century Sci-fi Folk Tale. Directed by David Slade, the man who went on to define the high art look of beautifully shot HANNIBAL, this story about the prey turning the tables on the predator actually made an accidental allusion to the popular fairy tale. However, when her pregnant mother movies her right into the heart of falangist Spain by marrying a Captain of the Spanish army, Ofelia soon finds that her life is resembling more of a nightmare than a dream come true. This is the directorial debut for Corin Hardy, a man who has already won several awards for his short films, and grew up with an obsession with sculpting and animation, which explains why the woodland creatures in his film are so spellbinding and effective. Your article has been sent. Following the advice of his girlfriend Lori, Boone begins seeing a psychiatrist named Dr. Phillip Decker. These morbid origins haven’t been completely lost to time though. It isn’t just that it’s a well acted story that keeps the audience on its toes, it also sparks a deeply intelligent discussion about one’s morality, and whether or not vengeance is ever justified, if it means becoming a monster. One of director Guillermo Del Toro’s first films to gain global attention, Pan’s Labyrinth is a great example of blending reality and fiction. A monstrous stepmother, coming-of-age drama, and supernatural strange permeate the somber Korean chiller that is an intriguing and skillfully composed updating of its ancient literary origins. The two then head to his house, where Hayley promptly seduces, drugs, and binds Jeff. Some of these may bleed more into the. Whereas short stories and ancient legends told at bedtime were once the method for spreading the history of these charming collections, now, grown ups can enjoy dabbling in the mysticism as well, through the magic of cinema. It seems like the perfect premise, but as Ofelia completes each task and sinks deeper into the world of pretend, her real life situation spins more out of control. In the film, a young girl named Valerie who lives alone with her conservative grandmother has just gotten her very first period. Aesthetics aside, the thing that really stands out about this movie is its ability to reach its viewers on an emotional level. Make a List Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / Contact Newsletter. This is a curse that won’t be absolved with a simple disposal. Step 2: Fusing fantasy, the supernatural, and Guillermo del Toro’s dark visual poetry, Pan’s Labyrinth confronts the violent rumblings of reality (in this case, fascist Spain) with the equally fearsome monsters of a strange underworld. Sign In. The shoes are lovely, and help her to win the affections of a certain handsome interior designer, but they seem to have an odd effect on the women in her life, from her daughter stealing and hiding the shoes in her room, to her best friend walking out of her apartment wearing them and mysteriously dying on her trek back home. Like the fairy tales that the film calls to mind throughout, the director’s ability to intertwine beauty and horror so closely together is potent magic. Like most traditional fairy tales, Little Otik is a cautionary story — this time aimed at the adult generation. A somewhat melancholic look at human desire and relationships, this film takes on a more literal meaning for the term “sleeping beauty.” Emily Browning plays Lucy, a university student who takes on a job sleeping with men for money—but not in the way we usually take it to mean. The Lure is a Polish horror musical film about two mermaids and their, um, misadventures on land. Add to that the tragicomedy and eroticism of Lolita, topped with Nosferatu-inspired imagery, all of which combine for a truly heady tale about — most simplistically — a girl getting her first period. Stemming from a series of Russian folk tales, 2010’s dark version of Swan Lake — Darren Aronofsky’s gothic psycho-thriller, Black Swan — is a tragic fairy tale nightmarish. When he wakes up, Hayley reveals that she has been watching him, that she knows he is a pedophile, and that she now demands a confession. The debut work of director Julia Leigh, the film competed for the Palme D'or during the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Soon, she’ll have to choose, whether she wants to live in the present, or accept her path of the long lost queen of another time and place. After making the big move from England to … The locals aren’t pleased with the fact that the Hitchens have chosen to move into this particular area, and many caution them that those grounds belong to “The Hallow”, repeatedly saying the phrase “If you trespass upon them, they will trespass upon you”. 75 min | Drama, Fantasy, Family Music The 8 Most Magical Ballets To See This Christmas. Although this newfound attention is flattering, it also comes with its threats from cowardly men who wish to conquer her and steal her innocence. The goblin carries the amputated horn back to the underground realm where is claimed by Darkness, but a frightened Lily, who overheard the goblin bragging about its power, follows him down into the black pit. Travel Movies Books Food Other. Midian is where the monsters live – at least, that’s the truth according to Aaron Boone’s dreams. Starting out simply as a tale of an innocent princess named Lily who goes exploring with the boy she loves, a forest dweller named Jack, their lighthearted romance is put to the test when the universe around them undergoes a chilling transformation. Above all else, fairy tales offer escapism, and allow growing minds to dream of faraway lands where everything is beautiful, creatures are kind, and heroes always win in the end. Golden (Michalina Olszaska) and Silver (Marta Mazurek) are mermaid sisters who first become strip club dancers, then the leads to a rock band. Sounding more like Anne Rice’s sadomasochistic Sleeping Beauty trilogy than the classic tale we knew as children, the film finds Emily Browning as a university student who gets wrapped up in an erotic whirlwind with a dark twist we’ll let you discover for yourself. PAN’S LABYRINTH (EL LABERINTO DEL FAUNO). Forgotten, Neglected and Maligned Films of 1989. Nina’s hallucinogenic view of the world around her and the ballerina’s masochistic struggle with her own desires recalls Powell and Pressburger’s The Red Shoes — based on the gory Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale of the same name. Film & TV 10 Disney Movies To Get You Animated. Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale The Red Shoes, it follows Victoria as she goes from being an unknown dancer to playing the lead role in a new ballet—aptly titled The Red Shoes. SHOCK rolls out 10 amazing horror movies that play with fairy tale conventions. Step 3: del Toro’s creatures are both stunning and terrifying (especially the Pale Man), which helps flourish the debate of whether they’re actually there to help Ofelia, or if they’re trying to trick her, or if they’re even real. Will she be able to overcome the trials and tribulations of puberty and evolve into a self-reliant young woman? 6. Starring Jessica Harper as Susy Banyon, the American girl in over her head at a prestigious German ballet school, the story begins shortly before Susy’s arrival as the students at the academy begin mysteriously being taken out one by one. No worries though, as it’s still full of dwarves, an evil queen, a magic mirror, plus some epic battle scenes between magical creatures, and an awesome final showdown between the two royal ladies.

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